The West Erwin Church of Christ is truly involved in WORLD evangelism, thanks to the congregation’s support, prayers, and financial commitment. Please view the links below to learn more about specific mission works. Approximately 20% of our budget is dedicated to these efforts.  
Biblical Institute of Central America – BICA
Schools of evangelism in Guatemala and Honduras are very active and successful in proclaiming the Gospel in those and other Central America countries. BICA is now under a board of directors. More information may be seen at
Eastern European Missions
EEM has provided Bibles and Bible related materials to Russia, Ukraine, and other Eastern European countries for decades. They are able to place Bibles into public schools, as well as to provide them to thousands of individuals who are seeking to know God. West Erwin provides monthly support for this work as well as special contribution funds for their “Million Dollar Sunday” efforts.   Casa Hogar Children’s Home, Nueva Rosita, Mexico
 This is an outreach effort of the Church of Christ in Nueva Rosita. We have assisted with this work for many years. 
Children’s Bible Study
Although this started as a web site for teaching children about the Bible, it has expanded to include lessons for teens and adults. Animation, videos and other techniques are used to present exciting lessons. Materials are also provided to assist Bible class teachers. We provide support for Charles Valentine and an assistant. Charles, aka Uncle Noah, developed the site. It reaches around the world.  
Nigeria, Africa
We provide some personal support for two native preachers in Nigeria. The Austin Chapel Church of Christ in Sardis, TN. oversees this work. Chad Wagner visits annually to encourage and provide items needed by the churches in the area.   Sister Patricia Orphanage, Draksharama, India
 This facility was named after Russell Bell’s late wife. We provide monthly support to help care for the nearly 100 children in the orphanage.   Chimala Mission and Hospital
 A number of the West Erwin women are involved in making diaper shirts for newborn babies, as well as bandages and lab coats for hospital use. These items are shipped on a regular basis to the Chimala Mission and Hospital. At any time, about a dozen of our ladies are involved in this work. In 2014, over 3100 bandages, 600 diaper shirts and 14 lab coats have been provided.  
World Bible School
Several members at West Erwin, past and present, have been involved in this effort. We are expecting to make this a local evangelism tool as well as a mission outreach.
World Radio (NAME CHANGE) – One Kingdom
Utilizing native preachers, World Radio broadcasts the Gospel in many countries. They also are involved in providing aid when natural disasters strike. West Erwin is a partner in this tremendous work.

This course is designed to involve the student and build and interest in the Bible. Lessons with guidelines that make the Bible easy to understand. See yourself in the Time Line that starts from the beginning to this very day. Map: Then & Now. Observe the difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament. A certificate will be given upon completion. This eight lesson Bible correspondence course will build confidence in the Bible and give you assurance in your spiritual life. You have three ways to start this course. Call 903-592-0809 and request it. Request it by mail by writing Life Bible Correspondence Course, 420 West Erwin, Tyler, TX 75702. Contact us for information by email by visiting the website, WWW.WORLDBIBLESCHOOL.ORG.