Young At Heart (Seniors)

It is a ministry of LOVE for the elderly! ‘Blessed be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love…’; that is our theme song we sing at the close of each meeting as we gather in a circle and hold hands. Many seniors will or have reached a point in life that they can no longer serve the church as they once did because of aches and pains or disability. However, they still love the church and need love themselves. We feel that a night of Christian fellowship can help fill some lonely spot in their life. Maybe their children have moved to another state or their children are so busy with their own children or even sadder, their children are deceased. So a night of music of yesteryear brings back sweet memories of their past and helps keep them young at heart.
From time to time, God takes some of our good workers home to a better place. In the mean time He sends us a generation younger to help with this Ministry of LOVE. We pray that God will move you to want to be a part of the Young at Heart Ministry — not only for what it can do for you, but what you can do for those who are older than you. Because, one day you will be the one sitting in the old rocker saying to yourself ‘How did I get here so fast?’ Then a gentle hand will softly push the rocker for you and you will smile and say ‘oh, yes, I deserve this’.
Each of us has been designed by the hand and heart of God — created with promises and possibilities beyond our imagination to help serve with LOVE.
We meet every second Thursday evening at 6 PM. (Unless there is an area wide meeting that month.)
Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake has forgiven you. Ephesians 4:32
Young at Heart Officers
President: Jim Boyd
Vice President: Myron Granberry
Secretary: Jean Parish
Treasurer: Don Durham
Sunshine Girl: Nina Crow
Photographer: Bill White
Bulletin Board: Barbara White – Bitsy Berryman
The committee selects the entertainment/game night and each October there is an area wide meeting.
The charter members are as follows: M.B. “Bernie” Beard, Vera Beard, Fay Bellows, J.D. Brem, Bertha Byrd, Joe Carroll, Kathleen Carroll, C.E. “Bud” Caskey, Louise Caskey, Roy Clark, Chloe Clark, Robert Conner, Virginia Conner, W.V. Crossman, Maria Crossman, Pauline Daughtry, R.H. “Bob” Davis, Marikate Davis, Weldone Dawson, Mary Dawson, Mary Drummond, Bill Endsley, Elizabeth Endsley, C.B. Hardin, Dot Hardin, Leona Hardin, Ella Mae Hibbard, Beatrice Holland, Hoyt Hughes, Elizabeth Hughes, Modena Jones, Mac McCall, Vivian McCall, Hazel Morgan, T.J. Parsons, Christine Parsons, Aubrey Payne, Floia Payne, John Porter, Edith Porter, L.L. Prater, Gladys Prater, Bruce Raley, Armitta Raley, Foy Richy, Mary Richy, Adela Scogins, M.H. Shafer, Averyt Smith, Eleanor Smith, Paul Stanley, Signa Stanley, Jonnie Steffee, Artis Tate, Pattie Tate, Bob Threadgill, Marie Threadgill, B.E. “Bud” Walker, Grace Walker, Thomas White, Mozell White.
Young At Heart May 2016
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Young at Heart at North Tenneha – April 2016
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Young At Heart June 2016
Young At Heart July 2016
Young At Heart “Christmas” at Shiloh August 2016
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Young At Heart – September 2016
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Young at Heart Area Wide October 2016
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Young At Heart Thanksgiving 2016