Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry includes students ranging from 6th grade through 12th that come from all over the Tyler and surrounding areas to fellowship together, study God’s Word, and to praise Him with their worship. Our youth ministry seeks to help teens face the daily pressures of this world while constantly pointing them to Christ as our true Refuge. Our youth are led by passionate leaders and teachers who care deeply about their relationship with God and their spiritual development. We want our young people to understand that the Christian walk should not be done alone; the presence of Christ, as well as friends who share their faith and values, will help them through this exciting and challenging time.

What you can expect

We promote quality over quantity! I understand that family time is more important in our society today than ever before. Parents’ and teens’ schedules are crazier and busier, creating a challenge in making priorities. Our Youth Ministry makes sure that whenever we get together that it’s the BEST of our efforts so that your time, investment, and sacrifice are well worth it.
Our Values
We have many strong values associated with our ministry: parental and teen ownership and involvement; quality over quantity; encouraging relationships; development of spiritual disciplines; inter-generational involvement, mentoring, the education and application of God’s Word; and a desire to be inwardly and outwardly focused.
The Lighthouse 
is the place where we meet most of the time. We have undergone and continue to undergo major renovations to ensure that your student has the best environment to learn, worship, and fellowship with the body of Christ at West Erwin. We keep adding to this location in hopes that your child gets excited about coming here and feels comfortable enough to invite others that perhaps may not know Christ or have a church home.


  • Family & Youth Devotionals
  • Bible Classes, Food, and Conversations: We meet every Wednesday during the school year at 6:00 p.m.        for a meal and at 7:00 p.m. for Biblical conversations and study. Our Sunday class for middle school            and high school age is at 10:00 a.m.  On Sunday mornings and Wednesdays our class meets in the                Lighthouse and we combine middle and high school students to create a unique learning and growing          experience.
  • Service projects: We organize service opportunities related to needs within our congregation or               serve through a local organization within our large community. 
  • Leadership Training for Christ
  • Nebraska Mission Trip
  • Area Wide fellowships with other churches in the area (typically during the school year)
  • Service Projects
  • Karing Kitchen
  • Winterfest
  • Harding University Bison Days
  • Harding Honors Symposium
  • Lipscomb University IMPACT
  • Teen Camps
  • ZEW Fall Retreat
  • Annual Camping and Hiking Trips
  • Camp Deer Run
  • Middle School Rite of Passage Experience


1 Timothy 4:12 – Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young,

but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

Statistics show it and I believe that parents are the greatest influence in a child’s life. No one loves your child more than you; therefore no one will be more invested in their lives than you. No one will make the sacrifices that you will make to better their lives. However with this influence comes great responsibility to disciple your child and we are all about equipping and enriching your walk with Christ so that you are in a better position to minister to them. When our kids are super little, our role is to instill in them love and trust so that there is no doubt in their minds of our love for them and they should be confident in trusting us. We then move on to being “Police” to them, probably not in the sense your imagining but in the sense of “protecting and serving” them. They need us to give them boundaries, correction, discipline, but also they need us to look out for their best interest by modeling the behavior we want them to live out. Although we can’t protect them from everything we can be the first ones to be there where life throws them a curve ball. The teen and young adult years are when we get to switch roles again, but only if we have fulfilled the first two roles. We now become their coach. This is a time of specialized training and instruction where we hone in on their gifts and equip them to be their best! We are the first ones to celebrate success, and also the first ones to help them back up after failure. We stay close to them during this time, but we don’t hover. We gradually show them and allow them to become young adults and discover the freedoms that come with that, but also instill in them the freedoms of a life in Christ. Youth Ministry falls into this stage, so therefore we get to do this together! WE want to serve you in any aspect of your lives that you need us to and in hopes when it is time for your child to leave the nest they are equipped and ready to stand on their own two feet but firmly planted in their faith in Christ.

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